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Nasi Goreng with Chicken

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Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian sticky and sweet fried rice that’s normally served as a side dish, popularly with a crispy-edged fried egg on top, but add some chicken, a side of crunchy cucumber and juicy tomato, and you have a delicious fried rice meal. Nasi Goreng gets its sticky sweetness from a specific ingredient called kecap manis which is a sweet soy sauce. This is the key ingredient to this dish and it’s easily found at Asian grocery stores, but we have also included a recipe at the end to make a useable substitution of your own. For an even more authentic version, you could also add shrimp paste, though we think it’s delicious without it, too. It uses day-old cooked medium-grained rice like jasmine but you can also use store-bought ready-cooked rice which requires either microwaving or frying.

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