Keelings Great Rewilding

Keelings Summer Cake

Garden designer Diarmuid Gavin joins forces with Keelings to launch The Keelings Great Rewilding, an initiative which aims to reverse the decline in pollinator populations.

As a first step in this campaign, Keelings will be giving away 100,000,000 wildflower seeds.

To get involved, people can pick up their free wildflower seeds by redeeming promotional codes online from their special berry punnets. Each seed pack has a blend of 30 different species which have been expertly mixed by Sandro Cafolla, a wildflower grower in Carlow who has worked with Keelings for many years and has helped them to create their wildflower meadow in St Margarets, Co Dublin.

Keelings Summer Strawberry & Vanilla Cake

If you are looking for a delicious Summer time recipe to use up those delicious berries check out Keelings Summer Strawberry and Vanilla Cake.

As growers, looking after the bees and other pollinators is paramount and wildflowers play a huge role in providing food for their survival. There are lots of different ways to help rewild gardens and green spaces and everyone can play a small part to make a big difference. As summer approaches and gardens begin to bloom, there has never been a better time to get behind this initiative.

Schools are also being encouraged to get involved 250 schools across the nation to receive a special pack of wildflower seeds. Children can develop new skills, learn about nature and growing while playing their part in The Great Rewilding.

Diarmuid Gavin, garden designer and Keelings Great Rewilding ambassador commented: “I am delighted to support Keelings on their Great Rewilding initiative. This is an area that has been close to my heart for many years and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the role that pollinators play in our ecosystem. It is so simple for people get involved with lots of ways to rewild your garden. Keep an eye on my social media channels over the coming months where I will be sharing top tips to become part of the solution of the decline in pollinators.”

There are a lot of simple ways to rewild a part of your garden:

  • Take a break from mowing a piece of the lawn.    
  • Why not plant window boxes and hanging baskets with colourful flowers – bees especially love the purple and blue ones!   
  • Make a cosy insect hotel in a sunny part of your garden for solitary bees to nest in.     

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