Top 10 Lamb Recipes

Lamb Ragu with Conchiglie

The EU funded Try Lamb campaign is being rolled out in Ireland in association with Bord Bia The Irish Food Board and has the key objective of encouraging consumers to consider lamb in their repertoire with the campaign headline ‘Try it, Love it’. 

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Chef Adrian Martin

Chef Adrian Martin shares the importance of his role as a lamb ambassador and food influencer – “Chefs have an important role to play to inspire eating habits of consumers whether we are making home cooked dishes on TV or delicious menu options in a restaurant. We are so lucky to have such high-quality meat available to us. Lamb is a favourite meat choice for chefs because of its versatility as it can feature in stews and casseroles for specials or an elegant rack of lamb for fine dining, nothing is wasted.”

Sheep farming plays a vital role in rural communities in Ireland and across Europe, contributing to the social, environmental and economic sustainability in many regions. Among the unique aspects of sheep farming is the ability to put ‘difficult to farm’ land to good use, bringing economic opportunity to areas unsuitable for other farming systems like dairy or beef.

Top 10 Lamb Recipes

As part of this great campaign we have picked our Top 10 Lamb Recipes which feature recipes from Fiona Uyema, Shilpa Razniewska, Gastro Gays, Dan Cruickshank, Adrian Martin and of course some of our very own tried and tested recipes.

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This is an Asian twist on a traditional Roast Lamb dish created by Fiona Uyema for the European Try Lamb campaign. You can watch Fiona’s video on our IGTV here.
Lamb do Pyaza. This recipe was created by Shilpa Razniewska  for the European Try Lamb campaign.
Lamb Dingle Pies created by Gastro Gays for the European Try Lamb campaign
Bibimbap with Charred BBQ Lamb & Kimchi. This South Korean inspired dish has been created by chef Dan Cruickshank for the European Try Lamb campaign.
Lamb, Date, Olive and Apricot Tagine created by Gastro Gays for the European Try Lamb campaign
Adrian Martin’s Doner Kebab the European Try Lamb campaign
Harissa Lamb Chops With Chargrilled Polenta and Squished Tomatoes – Lamb chops are super quick to make, and when paired with some chargrilled polenta, becomes an elegant meal in minutes.
Provencal Lamb Stew – The slow cooking of this lamb dish lends it a mellow flavour.
Shredded Slow Roasted Lamb – Lamb shoulder marinated overnight in lemon, garlic and spices then slow roasted and glazed with sticky pomegranate reduction. Pulled apart and served with pomegranate seeds and fresh herbs.
lamb ragu, lamb recipes, try lamb
Lamb Ragu with Conchiglioni This is a rich and flavourful pasta dish and the large shell-shaped pasta holds delicious mouthfuls of lamb meat sauce. The secret to this recipe is time. Slow cooking the ragu ensures the lamb is incredibly tender. In fact, the recipe is easily adapted to cooking in a slow-cooker, we’ve included notes at the end of the recipe to help.

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