How To Throw A Halloween Party

Hurray for Halloween! Corner the kids and get them involved with planning a Halloween Party that will send their imagination in to the stratosphere… here’s how to do it.


Start with Spooky Savoury

Unless you want your tiny guests running riot within a few minutes of arrival, settle tummies with a few savoury treats. Why not try a witches caldron of Val’s Stoopy Soup or kid-friendly sandwiches cut out with coffin-shaped cookie cutters? Whip up a batch of guacamole, put it in a black bowl with some carrot sticks on the side and tell them it’s monster goo. It’s all in the branding when it comes to healthy Halloween, we find.

Rice Crispie coffins 1

Treats Filled With Terror

No Halloween is complete without the treats, and we have a whole host of great ideas. Quench thirst with a vat of Vampire’s Blood Punch, and keep them coming back for more with ghoulish green cupcakes, cheeky chocolate bats, firework cookie pops and pumpkin cake pops. Make a platter of crispy coffins and meringue spooks, and make this spider cake your centre piece.


Game On

Halloween parties are all about the games. Ramp up the traditional bobbing for apples game by popping some red food colouring in the water. Hold contests for scariest costume, and transform ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ to pin the balloon on the withes bum. Put a few tins of spaghetti in tomato sauce into a bowl and some some plastic figurines in amongst it, blindfold the kids and get them to squelch their way through the mess to find the prize. Finally, organise a treasure hunt through the house to the front door – it may be the only way you can end the party on a high!

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