My Fussy Eater Cookbook

Having a little fussy eater at home can be hard work! I have been following My Fussy Easter aka Ciara Attwell on Instagram for some time and absolutely love her recipe ideas.

With kids it’s all about introducing new foods but playing around with things like texture, shapes and of course getting the kids involved in the whole process.

Ciara has just launched her very first cookbook titled My Fussy Easter. It is a family recipe book with fussy eating children in mind and food the whole family can enjoy.

Filled with over 100 quick and easy recipes the book uses simple ingredients that can be found in any supermarket. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, family meals and snack options, the recipes range from breakfast cookies, tuna bites, batch cook bolognaise, paella and much more.

Ciara Attwell was not always the inspiring cook she is today. Until she had children she worked late and relied on supermarket ready meals. Now with a young family, Ciara has since left her city job to bring up her children, teaching herself how to cook and enjoy a balanced diet in the process.

With a daughter aged seven and an autistic son aged four, every day can still feel like a challenge when it comes to introducing new foods at the table. By learning to consider the look, taste, smell and feel of food and involving children in meal planning and cooking, Ciara has had much success and fun with encouraging her little ones to eat her healthy and nutritious recipes, and so have her thousands of social media followers. 

Ciara’s aim is to provide recipes with minimal stress and maximum taste for a happy, well-fed family.

Here are some delicious recipes from My Fussy Eater Cookbook for you to try:

Cheesy Chicken Fritters

Sweet & Savoury Pastry Straws

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt Bark

My Fussy Eater by Ciara Attwell out now RRP £14.99 Lagom (Bonnier Publishing)

You can purchase My Fussy Eater cookbook here.

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