How To Meal Prep Like A Pro

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How to meal prep like a pro.

Meal prepping is vital for people who are busy and may have little time during the week to prepare healthy or nutritious dinners. Anyone can meal prep and we have put together our top tips for meal prepping. 

Top tips on planning for meal prep:

  1. Do a food itinerary– Check what you have and what you need before you start a shopping list.
  2. Use up what is nearing its best before date first– Eat the foods nearing their best before dates first to avoid waste.
  3. Organise your food in your cupboards and fridges– Be a little organised with your cupboards and you will find you can keep to a budget better.
  4. Write a weekly meal planner- Simple to do and easy to stay on track of what you are eating daily.
  5. Do a shopping list- Write exactly what you need and stay within your budget.
  6. Go shopping- Get the bits you need and avoid impulse buying.
  7. Once home organise your fresh food– Fresh food is exactly that; fresh! Be mindful of what needs to be cooked first or alternatively, freeze what you can.  
  8. Set aside food for meals and organise– Once you have decided what is to be prepped first, organise your ingredients and begin prepping.

Top tips for meal prep:

Be creative- The best thing about meal prep is being in control of what you eat and having the time to enjoy it instead of cooking in a hurry. This means you can be a little creative and cook some tasty dishes. Why not try using jars to bring your salad to work.

Get the recipe here.

Any Prep is beneficial- Remember not everything has to be cooked ahead of time. Food prep can be chopping vegetables and portioning chicken for the next day to cook it, if that works for you. Anything that gives you a head start is great. By thinking ahead and planning your meals you can work out how much veg to prep. For example instead of cooking one sweet potato cook two and keep it for dinner the following day.

Get the recipe here.

Stick to your meal planner- Try to stay within your planner otherwise all your hard work will go to waste. Adhering to this will make it a habit in your weekly schedule and you will reap the rewards! 

Some kitchen utensils and accessories to help you prep:

  • Slow cooker– Casseroles, broths and stews can be made in a slow cooker, simply switch it on in the morning and it will be finished by the time you return home later. A slow cooker can also prepare meats, they taste delicious and the meat melts in your mouth. 
  • Food steamer– To keep vegetables as fresh as possible a food steamer is ideal. It also means you can switch it on and walk away while you do something else. 
  • Labels and sharpies– Labelling is important when preparing food ahead of time to keep track of best before dates and what it is inside your Tupperware. It is easy to lose track of what you have in your freezer without labelling and to avoid waste, labelling is important. 
  • Tupperware– These storage staples are vital when separating dishes, you have made and popping your label on top means you know what it is and when it was prepared. 
  • Freezer and food bags– Ideal for bagging up handy snacks and freezer bags are convenient for splitting packs of fresh meat for the freezer. That way you take out what you need, when you need it rather than a pack of 6 chicken breasts or steaks. 
  • Insulated bag for bringing food around with you– An insulated bag is perfect for those who are eating on the run.

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