Halloween party games and crafts

Halloween party games and crafts

Halloween is nearly upon us and many parents choose to have some sort of celebration with their kids and family. Of course, the kids are delighted to be trick or treating but it is great to have a few games or crafts planned to keep them entertained and it will also lessen the chances of them overloading on sweets! These will be guaranteed to get the kids excited and everyone can have great fun; including all the adults!

Monster freeze dance – A bit like ‘musical statues’ this is where all the “monsters” or scary figures dance around to some eerie tunes. Once the music stops every monster should “freeze” and if anyone moves a little muscle, they will be forced to drink some yucky blood! In fact, the blood is a strawberry cordial but who knows that right? The winner is, of course, the last monster standing and that is a huge feat.

Pass it on ghost story – Much like Chinese whispers, it is vital that the story starts with one person relaying a scary tale to their pal beside them. By the end of the circle of friends, see what story ensues and while this is a simple game, it is full of fun!

Halloween jinx- Halloween jinx is a fun game and everyone including the adults can play! When your guests arrive, you should give them a list with 5-8 words that they cannot say for the evening. The words are usually Halloween themed e.g. ghosts, pumpkins and witches. Everyone gets the same list and if a guest inadvertently says one of the words, another guest should shout “Jinx” and the person who said the banned word is out of the game. The last one who doesn’t say the words on the list is the winner! It is harder than it sounds!

Wrap the mummy- This is a quite simple game and all you need to do is grab a few kids, one will be the mummy and the others should wrap the mummy. You can have a few groups and the first one to have a perfectly wrapped mummy wins! But watch out for any gaps or rips as the key thing here is to have a mummy that is wrapped like the Egyptians!

Treat bags- These are easy to make and the kids can take them home after the party. Give the youngsters a lunch bag and let them use their imagination to create scary monsters, witches or skeletons with paint, markers, googly eyes and other art supplies. Once they are designed the kids can use them to fill up on sweets!

Scary masks- Usually some of the bigger stores have plain masks that can be used to be decorated by the kids themselves. The kids will love painting the masks and adding glitter, fake blood or pompoms to create their very own scary mask! You can even do a competition for the best mask and this will get the children motivated to do their best.

Happy Halloween!

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