Carbery Cracker has a fresh new look…

Carbery Cracker Cheese

Carbery Cracker cheese is kicking off 2021 with a fresh new look.

Just how popular is cheese with Irish consumers? Carbery Cracker carried out research last year* (May-June 2020) and its official – Irish consumers love cheese! 72% of consumers surveyed would prefer to buy Irish cheese. Which is not surprising as we have some of the best cheeses in the world.

The research also told us that Irish people love to snack, wth 58% of Irish consumers surveyed saying they snack two to three times a day, and 68% said they planned to use cheese for snacking. Eating habits have changed with the demands of modern society; we have become more snackers than set mealtime eaters. Cheese is perfect for giving snackers enough fuel to keep working and is a healthier snack than biscuits or chocolate. Carbery Cracker cheese, with the same great taste in its new packaging, is the perfect snacking cheese that the Irish market is craving. 

It’s no secret that at I Love Cooking, we love Carbery Cracker cheese! And it seems we are not the only ones, 60% of Irish consumers surveyed said they planned to put their cheese on toast or have it in a sandwich, and 44% planned to use it for a cheeseboard.

Carbery Cracker Cheese 3 Ways

Carbery Cracker Cheese 3 Ways

Three easy, cheesy snack ideas with bread and Carbery Cracker Cheese. A Cracking Cheese for Snacking!


  • Sliced bread
  • Carbery Cracker Red or White
  • Sun dried tomato pesto
  • Honey
  • Red onion chutney

Simply spread 1-2 tsp of your choice of tomato pesto, honey or red onion chutney on a slice of bread, top with slices of Carbery Cracker cheese. Delicious!

Check out their Instagram for more delicious recipes.

Carbery Cracker is available in all retail nationwide including multiples, symbol groups and independents (RRP €3).

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